What does ‘value’ mean to you? Why is it that we say ‘Oh, this hotel only costs $20 more’ and then find ourselves rejecting a tin of tomatoes in the supermarket, because it costs 10 cents more for the can?  This is the first in a series of blogs around the concept of ‘value’ and how we should think about value, not just cost.

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Received my credit card statement the other day. I was randomly scanning it when I came across some amazing information – really! This is what it said in some smaller print in the middle of the page, obviously trying to be helpful:

If you make no additional charges and each month you pay only the minimum amount, you will pay off the Closing Balance…in about…60 years.  And you will end up paying estimated total interest charges of $27,426.94.

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A few years ago I finished my regular job as a Professor in a major university business school. I was sad to stop but I realised that, for a variety of reasons, it was time to resign.  As soon as this happened, many of my friends greeted me with:

So you’ve retired’ or  ‘Aren’t you glad to have retired?’ or ‘Now you have retired, what are you going to do?’.

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Welcome to Graham Hubbard’s blog!


Graham family pic

Hi!  I’m Graham Hubbard.  I’ve decided to start my own blog.


Why write another blog?

I’ve found that there is so much rubbish talked in everyday conversation, about personal issues, about what is happening in the society and in the business world, that I decided I’d like to cut through some of these issues and get at the truth.

Why read me?

Because, for my whole academic, business and personal life, I’ve had a reputation for straight talking, for cutting through, for being honest, speaking the truth.  And, unfortunately, that’s not what mostly happens in conversations, whether they are personal, or in business or about the big issues in the society.

I’ve written 17 professional books and readers tell me that, despite the heavy content (mostly about business and corporate strategy), they find it very readable, very understandable and very enlightening.  I’ve even written on accounting and finance and made that interesting!

In my blog, I’m planning to comment on every day issues that most people hear or come into contact with.  Most people will have views on these issues.  My view – Hubbardtalk – will be different.  It should challenge your thinking and make you think better.

Welcome aboard.  I think you will find these short articles challenge your thinking and views and change the way you think and hopefully behave.  I look forward to your comments and feedback, so that I can be of even more help.

Graham Hubbard