I’m reading a book about Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who created Zip2 (online business directories), PayPal (online global payment system), SpaceX (commercial rockets into space), Tesla (electric car) and chairs his cousin’s company Solarcity (commercial solar power generators). One of these would be enough for any person.  And he has even more outrageous plans for the future.

Musk seems to be maniacal, working 20-24 hr days and expecting others who work for him to follow his model to the extent possible. You could say he was crazy – many have.  Or that you couldn’t stand to work for him – almost everyone would agree with that.  But the fact is, he has created some amazing inventions that have – truly and literally – changed the way the world works or will work.  For that, he must be admired.

Over my working life, I’ve come in contact with lots of CEOs. My research has shown the importance of clear strategy and good leadership teams for organisations to be high performers.  But one thing that is rarely discussed in what makes organisations work well is the energy level of the CEO.

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