Yes, I’m going to let you know about my bedroom habits. There are four of us in our bed now and its not Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice.  It’s me and my wife…and our two iPads.  Sometimes it’s actually five, when she also uses her…iPhone.  So it’s hard to get her attention now, but then I did buy her the iPad.  How did it get to be this way??Read More »



As the domestic violence and sexual assault royal commissions roll on in Australia, revealing the extraordinary amount of inappropriate contact between people, and in the light of the Oxford University research showing us who can touch whom where (‘Maps show where touching is allowed’), the truth is: most of us want and need more touching, not less.

Personally, I’ve always struggled with the ‘right’ amount of touching, particularly for women or girls. The desire to show friendliness, affection, to commiserate, to share joy are all good reasons for touching another person.  But where to touch, how much to touch, for how long and how will it be construed by the recipient? Read More »


Voluntary euthanasia has been close to my heart for many years and it is now, finally, being discussed more publically. Let me be upfront. If someone can get me Nembutol, so I can have it – if and when I need it – to end my life, I would be very grateful.  I’m afraid that when I need it, I won’t –  physically – be able to get it. Personally, I’d like to have the choice available.  As for what you want to do at the end of your life, that’s up to you.  It’s about choice.Read More »


Many years ago, when I thought I had quite a good income, I felt guilty at my good fortune. I realised that some people and businesses had a principle of giving some of their earnings back to the community.  I thought of my experiences living in the US, where rich people donate very large amounts back to others less well off.  I thought too of the Mormon philosophy of giving back 10% of your income. So I thought that I should give back too, on a regular basis. Read More »