The value of ‘green’ revisited

In several blogs, I have talked about the importance of ‘value’ and suggested there is a Nobel Prize waiting for someone, anyone who can work out how to add up economic value, social value and environmental value to get to a ‘total value’ concept.  Recently, I blogged about the value of green trees and how I find that green trees soften the structural bluntness of buildings, particularly new ones.  Now I find that someone is actually working on this value of ‘green’!  Perhaps the hunt for the Nobel Prize is on.Read More »


Wikileaks strikes again! 11million private documents from one firm, Mossack Fonseca, in one tax haven, Panama, are released to a German newspaper, Siddeutsche Zeitung, which shares them out with an international consortium of journalists over some months, before the story  breaks this week.  But somehow the Australian reaction seems to be very different from that other developed countries.  Why is this?Read More »


Following a safari trip to Africa and a brief birding experience in Western Australia a few years ago, I became more interested in bird life. At home, I began to enjoy the beautiful songs and the haughty parade of the proud Indian myna in my backyard.  Myna numbers grew from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 over a few years and I enjoyed their presence.  But when I put a feeder in to hopefully encourage rainbow lorrikeets and parrots, the mynas attacked any other birds and took the food.  This was not what I wanted at all.  What to do?Read More »