I Found Heaven in the Duoro

I didn’t expect to die…and I didn’t expect to go to heaven.  But heaven I am surely in, here in the Duoro in Portugal.  Never heard of the Duoro?  Neither had I.  But then who knows what heaven is really like, so the Duoro appears to be where heaven actually is.  What happened?Read More »


The Orlando Massacre: why it is not world news

I wondered why I felt strangely unaffected by this piece of breaking ‘world news’ this week.  I listened yesterday to a TV program full of ‘experts’ discussing the ramifications of it and they made no sense, just talk.  I listened to President Obama’s very ho-hum statement about it.  I’ve seen the papers full of articles about it (and here’s another one…).  And then I realised why it had so little effect on me.Read More »


I’ve just finished watching Muhammad Ali’s memorial service speeches and last night I watched a TV documentary ’The Trials of Muhammad Ali’. As with all funeral services, you learn a lot about the person that you wished you had known before – things they had achieved or done, skills they had.

The memorial service reminded me of Princess Diana, another world icon, whose funeral service was also televised worldwide, an amazing reflection of the power that some people have to impact the world.

The service brought tears to my eyes. Ali’s ability to stand for what he thought was right, his willingness to speak out when he saw was inequality, injustice, rights abuse and the madness of war contrasted with the tenderness of his relationships which so many people spoke about.  He suffered for his beliefs.  Who can believe that today the US is celebrating the life of a Muslim, a conscientious objector…and….Read More »


Recently I lunched with Lindsay, the owner of the factory where Dick works in the waste management department.  He said all was not yet right with Dick, despite all the work done on his department.   While Dick’s area was definitely fixed, it wasn’t working normally, with unexpected, almost uncontrollable, rushes of waste production at short intervals. Read More »