Had my head size measured the other day.  It’s remarkably small.  It always surprises people.  It reminded me that, throughout my life, I’ve always been concerned about having small hands, small feet.   I know they say that size doesn’t matter, but if you’re on the small side, that’s little comfort.

When I shake hands with other men, they always seem to crush me, however hard I squeeze.  I’m just not big enough to match them.  I’m so embarrassed, I keep my hands in my pocket whenever I can, covered up, so no-on can observe them.  In the open, I make a fist, so my small fingers aren’t so obvious.  When I have to use them – to grip, to hold, to open something, I just don’t feel like a real man, I’m so weak.

It’s the same with my feet.  My shoes look like kid’s shoes next to those of other men.  If I tell them what size I am, they can’t believe it.  They’re all much bigger than me.  I can never share footwear with other men.  When I was growing up, I grew quickly and my feet were always cramped in my shoes.  Maybe I just got stunted then, like Chinese women with bound feet.  But that wouldn’t explain my small hands…or small head.

I think I understand a little what a woman with small breasts must feel like.  It’s all out there on show and you’re lacking in size, compared with normal expectations.  Even though everything works just like bigger sizes, and even though they say size isn’t important, I don’t think they really mean it.  I’ve never heard of a woman seeking a man with small hands and small feet.  Few men actively seek women with small breasts.

Women are lucky though.  Now they can get breast enlargements, or reductions if they want.  Men can’t get hands or feet or head enlargements to make them feel more manly.

Of course no one comments on any of this.  It’s not polite.  No one says, ‘Oh, what small hands you have!’,  But they think it. It’s obvious.  They must.  I don’t mention it, even to my best friends.  Whatever they say, they must think, ‘Poor guy.  He’s missing out on quite a lot… I’m glad I’ve got more than him’.

That’s it.  It’s a small piece about a small thing.



  1. Well Graham, it is all in your head. I have never noticed any of this. Maybe those who are blessed in height need to look for things to worry about – but small hands & feet?


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