The ’Airbnb Effect’ on Travellers, Property Prices and Neighbourhoods: A Personal Experience

Evidence is emerging that the ‘Airbnb effect’ on travelling is driving up property prices and breaking up neighbourhoods in globally attractive CBDs.  But it seems to be a ‘win’ for customers/travellers and probably for businesses, if not for governments. What should we do?  Let’s look at the different perspectives on this ‘Airbnb Effect’.Read More »


In Defence of Donald Trump…’Locker Room’ Culture is Rampant

I can’t believe I’m writing this…but, unfortunately, what Trump says about ‘locker room culture’ is closer to the truth than many of us men would like to think.  I’ve read strenuous denials from locker room superstars about Trump’s comments, but I’m afraid they are no more truthful than most of Trump’s rants. I’ve never been comfortable in locker rooms with alpha males, but I have to admit that even I do look at women and wonder what would it be like to be with them.  Men do think and form a personal ‘f…ble’ or ‘not f..ble’ view.  We do ogle women and we do wish.  We do share that information.  Particularly in all-male environments, wherever they are.  Those rating systems that young men have at schools do state explicitly what we do think secretly in some part of our minds, whether at the surface or deeply hidden. Read More »

‘Dark Emu’ Should be Compulsory Reading for All White Australians

As a white Australian, I was shocked by what I read in Bruce Pascoe’s new book, ‘Dark Emu’.  It paints a picture of Aboriginal civilisation in this country that is so at odds with everything I was taught and thought I knew about Aboriginal civilisation here that, at first, I simply couldn’t believe it.  It reminded me of how young Germans and Japanese said that their history books did not reflect the truth of the Second World War and that they were completely ignorant until gaining access to outside information.  I couldn’t believe that they had no knowledge.  Perhaps now I can.Read More »

Community Banks are Different…but Bank Directors are Perceived to be all the Same

After watching the dismal performance of Big 4 Bank CEOs, it’s easy to see why people don’t like bankers.  I’ve been a bank director for a year now…and not one person has been interested in my new position.  It’s an unpaid role in a small, startup, community bank – not a Big 4 Bank.  I’m excited by the opportunities this role offers, because my bank directly helps the local community.  But people don’t seem to differentiate.  All bank directors areRead More »

Unexpected Personal Lessons from a Sailing Holiday in the Whitsundays

I’m just back from a 2-week bareboat catamaran sailing holiday for four in the Whitsundays.  Great weather, great snorkelling, company of great friends who were competent sailors (I’m not), light winds (not so good for our captain who liked to sail rather than motor), lovely scenery  and quiet inlets made for an idyllic holiday…But two weeks on a boat allows for a lot of personal time (you can’t snorkel, swim, sail, fish or even eat for long periods in a day), so I made some unexpected discoveries about myself. Read More »