As you know, our new house has been delivered, ready to go, to our beach house block. Only one problem….no electricity and no gas!!!!  So no Christmas, or perhaps even New Year, for us or our friends, who were scheduled to come from all over Australia, as they usually do for the Christmas period.  Why? 

It seems you can’t notify Origin Energy or United Energy about a date for connecting gas or electricity until the house is on the ground.  Not helpful, when the whole house arrives on one day!!

Further, these wonderful companies take 15-20 working days to turn up to connect your house.  And they won’t tell you when they are coming. Or if they have been.  And you have to contact one company when the other company does the work.  In fact, they have had more than their 20 days.   They promised it would be in by last Friday.  Then last Saturday.  Then last Sunday.  Then Monday.  Then Tuesday.  Then…no more promises.  Great customer service, guys! 

Actually, Origin did send someone.  But he only handled underground electricity connections, so he couldn’t connect our overhead power.   Don’t they even read their own notes??  They are the ones who disconnected the old house!  And you can’t connect the gas meter unless the gas line is in place.  Apparently it is not possible for one person/crew to do both jobs.

So our Christmas gathering is ruined.  A pox on both your houses.


  1. Not good enough when you have no control over these virtual monopolies! Sounds like a claim for compensation would not be unreasonable. Alternative equivalent accommodation must run at around $3-4,000 per week at this time of year. Come on service providers, connect or pay up!!!


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