Is Life about ‘Me and My Family’…or ‘Me and Society’?

Over the Christmas-New Year period, you catch up with a lot of people.  Perhaps naturally, these conversations focus a lot on how families are doing.  When I mention that I spend a significant part of my week working with my environmental group and as a community bank director, there seems to be no interest.  Perhaps I’m a bad marketer of myself, a bad story teller!  But, as I reflect on this apparent lack of interest, it seems that people fall into two broad types:  those interested mainly in themselves and their families and those interested mainly in the wellbeing of society.  And the mix matters.  Here’s why.Read More »


Why Don’t People Give Thanks?

I have a very good friend, Sue, who gives and gives to other people.  Yet, so often, her efforts are not recognised by the recipients.  In most cases, all that she requires is a verbal sincere ‘thank you’, or a small personal or thoughtful gift, like a bunch of flowers or a jar of jam or a little help with a task she finds difficult.

Now I must confess that I am not the best at giving thanks myself… I don’t like presents and prefer not to receive presents unless I really want them.  But if I gave a large financial, material or time gift to friends, or a significant engagement, wedding or childbirth or housewarming present, I’d like it to be recognised and acknowledged.  And Sue just gets up after each lack of recognition and gives again – often to the same people!  I see her disappointment but, being so positive, she just carries on giving. So why don’t people give thanks?Read More »

Women Politicians: More Cases of Unequal Treatment?

So Federal Minister for Health Sussan Ley has ‘stepped aside’ while there is an investigation into her personal expense claims, just like Bronwyn Bishop, former Speaker and Minister, did.  Did Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott, Peter Slipper or Steve Irons amongst others do this when their expense claims were questioned and found wanting?  No.  I’m not defending any of them, but it does seem there is a prima facie case that women politicians either react to or are treated differently than men for similar offences.  And this seems to be a world phenomenon.Read More »

A Pox on United Energy and Origin Energy (no. 2)

Happy New Year to all my readers…except for United and Origin.  You’ll remember they failed dismally to get our new house connected to electricity and gas prior to Christmas.  We are still not connected!.  Now we are at the Energy and Water Omsbudsman stage, which is why I think others should know of these companies’ total lack of customer service, so you don’t suffer too.  Here’s what’s happened since.Read More »