Why Don’t People Give Thanks?

I have a very good friend, Sue, who gives and gives to other people.  Yet, so often, her efforts are not recognised by the recipients.  In most cases, all that she requires is a verbal sincere ‘thank you’, or a small personal or thoughtful gift, like a bunch of flowers or a jar of jam or a little help with a task she finds difficult.

Now I must confess that I am not the best at giving thanks myself… I don’t like presents and prefer not to receive presents unless I really want them.  But if I gave a large financial, material or time gift to friends, or a significant engagement, wedding or childbirth or housewarming present, I’d like it to be recognised and acknowledged.  And Sue just gets up after each lack of recognition and gives again – often to the same people!  I see her disappointment but, being so positive, she just carries on giving. So why don’t people give thanks?Read More »