Are Work Benefits a Personal Responsibility or an Entitlement?

Recently I’ve come across many cases where people are receiving benefits  that seem to me, on the surface at least, to be rather lucky.  These benefits have varied from grandparent childminding, stress massages, stress days off from work, maternity leave from a potential employer, after hours meals and taxis, paid family holidays, home baby help and more.  People seem to think these benefits are ‘necessary’ to survive their work.  They believe they are entitled to them.

These are all great benefits to receive.  But not everyone can receive them, so there’s an equity question here.  Even more, I wonder whether these benefits are necessary at all.  Why does this generation need these benefits, to be provided by someone else?  And who should be responsible:  people themselves, their employer, or the government?Read More »



So now we have 8, or is it 9, and will it be more, Federal MPs whose eligibility has been questioned, because of their dual citizenship status.  It’s good sport, watching MPs being embarrassed at being potentially or really ineligible, through them not have done enough research on their heritage, despite having signed the forms to say they have.  But it’s the wrong focus.  Parliament should fix the problem, not the symptom.Read More »