The Silent Chinese Invasion of Australia

Respected thinker Clive Hamilton’s new book, ‘The Silent Invasion:  China’s Influence in Australia’, is very scary essential reading.  This book’s deep research opened my eyes to China, especially now that Xi is President for life.  It’s essential reading because it exposes so much that has long term impacts.  If we don’t recognise these factors soon, it may be too late.Read More »


Loving or Living? Which is More Important in Long Term Relationships?

Many songs, books, films and plays are about love.  Our society values the importance of ‘love’ in a relationship. You must love him/her.  But maybe ‘living’ with someone is more important than ‘loving’, in sustaining a relationship.  If ‘living and loving aren’t compatible, which should you choose?Read More »

Balancing Domestic Violence, Stolen Generations, Child Immigration and Children’s Lives

Recently I’ve heard several speakers talking about the horrors of taking children away from their natural parents and how the children’s lives have been significantly hampered by this significant event in their lives.  These stories – while heart-rending – ignore the reasons why the children were removed and ignore the stories of some of these children who have gone on to successful lives.  A more balanced perspective and focus on outcomes would help us decide how to best support children, from all backgrounds.Read More »