So many people are classified as being ‘on the spectrum’ now – and after reading ‘The Rosie Project’, I think I am – that it’s you people who are not ‘on the spectrum’ who are the abnormal ones. We are the normal ones. And we’ve had enough of being ostrasized. So let me tell you what’s wrong with you ‘off the spectrum’ people.1. You don’t speak the truth
Having few social graces, we speak the truth, without fear. We call it as we see it. You, on the other hand, fluff around. . You say you like things when you don’t. You say you’re fine, when you’re sick. You say you’ll catch up with people when you have no intention of doing so. You’re so hard to understand. So please, speak the truth. We’d all be better off in understanding what’s going on.

2. You’re too slow to recognise problems and their solutions
As Greta says, we see ‘out of the box’. Seeing the truth, we quickly go to solutions mode and quickly identify the best solution. You, on the other hand, struggle to identify the problem, let alone find the solution. So please, listen to us when we have something to say.

3. You talk too much
You might have noticed we don’t talk much. We don’t find much worth saying. We find much of what is said is irrelevant, chatter, incorrect, useless.

You, on the other hand, seem to want to fill all the spaces with words…but much of this just repeats what others have told you or what you’ve just read. Not much of it adds any value to our day, or yours. So please, only talk when you have something useful to say.

4. You don’t put things back in the right place
For us, it matters that things are put back in their right place – the exact place where they came from. If you put them back somewhere else – even just a few centimetres away, or behind something else – we’ll never find them. This is incredibly frustrating for us. We waste a lot of time trying to find these things you have misplaced! And then putting them back where they belong. So please, pay attention and put things back where they belong.

5. You don’t recognise our efficiency
All the above factors lead to efficiency in life. We only talk when we have something worth saying. We speak the truth and we put things back so they can be easily found. Due to our quick and direct identification of the truth, we are very focussed. We are renowned for work output, even though we may not be so ‘nice’ to work with or have around. We don’t waste our time on the social niceties.

You, on the other hand, are incredibly wasteful. You seem busy and productive, but much of your time is activity-, not outcome-oriented. So please, recognise our efficiency. Study how we perform and why we get such great outcomes. And copy us, or learn from us.

Who is ‘Normal’?
The world is upside down. You’ve classified so many of us as being on the spectrum, we almost outnumber you! And we are more efficient and effective. So, really, those of us who are ‘on the spectrum’ are the ‘normal’ ones. You, who are ‘off the spectrum’, are the ‘abnormal’ ones. You need to lift your game.

There, I’ve said it in 600 words, when I’m expected to use 800 by my ‘off the spectrum’ adviser, who thinks 800 is efficient.



  1. Is this advice on how to be a more efficient entity, helping to maintain a stable and uncontroversial system?


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