This is my 199th blog.  Though there is much to write and talk about (and not covid!),  I’m finding it difficult to get enthused about topics.  With limited feedback, I wonder if I should continue?  Readers, what do you think?  I’d really appreciate your views and thoughts.

The Joys of Blogging

I’ve really enjoyed my blog!  It’s given me a chance to work out my thoughts, highlight society and organisational issues I don’t think have been addressed well or appropriately, to speak out about personal issues (which I think most people seem afraid to do) and get feedback from readers that they have enjoyed it too.

Until recently, I’ve never found it difficult to find topics to write about, just making the time to write and being careful not to bombard people with issues.  I’ve found that an issue a week is about the right amount from any one writer.  When I was Sports Editor of On Dit, the Adelaide University student newspaper, I wrote a brief opinion of a sports issue every week, and enjoyed the challenge.  When I wrote for the Adelaide Advertiser on business as Head of the Graduate School of Management each month, I loved the opportunity.  I enjoy good opinion writers, such as Waleed Aly, Polly Toynbee, Ranjana Srivistava and Van Badham and they write around this frequency.

The Disappointments of Blogging

Perhaps my greatest disappointment has been that I’ve been unable to break through to get a larger audience.  I’ve often found that I wrote about an idea before other major writers picked it up, but it’s of little consolation when their opinion hits the mainstream successfully. 

The other main disappointment has been the lack of reader comments.  Actually, I’ve felt uncertain about whether I really wanted lots of feedback on each blog.  Could I handle the volume of comments and replies?  What if I was trolled?  This has turned out not to be a problem!    Surprisingly, people who do reply have agreed with my blog opinions, opinions I thought were not common.  Of course, responders may well be unrepresentative, but, like people everywhere, I’ve taken the positive comments as representative of all readers…and continued on!

A minor disappointment has been the difficulty I’ve had in promulgating the blog, as my tech skills are not great and I’ve been unwilling to engage deeply in tech to expand the potential  I’ve also eschewed pictures and videos, which I know are more powerful than words.  Perhaps this is the crucial block.

Writer’s Blog:  Temporary or Permanent?

Over the covid period, I’ve felt the focus of everyone is on right now, not the future, not bigger issues or, indeed, any other issues at all.  And I’ve doubted I’ve had anything to say that would be useful on this or other issues at this time.

Combined with Trump and Trumpism/populism, I’ve found it to be a very depressing period for advancing society positively.  Fear and fake news have dominated.  And I know that even if I write, not enough people are listening or hearing for it to make a difference.  

So reader, what do you think?  Should I continue or should I stop?  Should I try for a bigger audience (and how, as I have explored traditional channels on several occasions without success)?  Is anyone listening? Thinking?