You can visit my formal business website (grahamhubbard.com.au) if you want my full business background.

I was a Professor of Strategic Management at Adelaide University Business School when I finished my academic career.  I had also worked at Monash, RMIT, University of Minnesota and Cranfield University (UK) during my career.

I still have a business consultancy, G&J Hubbard Services, which works for a wide variety of organisations, from BHPBilliton to Monash University to a dental practice to non-profits such as RAA, Berry Street and Balcombe Estuary Reserves Group Mt Martha.

In my personal life, I’m married with 2 mature-age children.  I’ve lived and worked in several countries, started non-profit organisations, been a basketball referee for 20 years, a basketball coach for over 10 years, run a marathon and undertaken significant walking trips (eg 200km on one walk in Cornwall last year). I’m President of BERG Mt Martha, an environmental group of volunteers in Mt Martha, Victoria, a movie fan, a gospel choir member, a bridge player, an environmentalist and much more.  I like being active.

But mostly I’m a thinker.  I read a lot and I think a lot.  I’m an integrator of a lot of material, distilling it into summaries that make sense to people.  and I’m mainly interested in helping people to take action to be more effective in their personal, business and society lives. That’s what I’d like to bring to you.



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