Affairs: What do they mean for a marriage?

Publically, we all believe affairs are bad for a marriage…until we have one ourselves it seems….  An insightful book I’ve just read (Esther Perel, ‘The State of Affairs’) casts new light on the varied meanings and impacts of affairs on marriages (or long term ‘relationships’) and gives a very different perspective on how marriage is and should evolve to account for this common critical event, based on her professional practice.Read More »



I’ve just finished watching Muhammad Ali’s memorial service speeches and last night I watched a TV documentary ’The Trials of Muhammad Ali’. As with all funeral services, you learn a lot about the person that you wished you had known before – things they had achieved or done, skills they had.

The memorial service reminded me of Princess Diana, another world icon, whose funeral service was also televised worldwide, an amazing reflection of the power that some people have to impact the world.

The service brought tears to my eyes. Ali’s ability to stand for what he thought was right, his willingness to speak out when he saw was inequality, injustice, rights abuse and the madness of war contrasted with the tenderness of his relationships which so many people spoke about.  He suffered for his beliefs.  Who can believe that today the US is celebrating the life of a Muslim, a conscientious objector…and….Read More »