From Mad Men to #meNOmore and Beyond

Another stage in the sexual equality revolution has finally arrived.  I’m thrilled – and stunned – by the rapid spread from Weinstein to the outing of many other outrageous men to #MeToo and now to #meNOmore, as women across the world stand up in many industries against the organisational and reputational power which men have exerted over them.  We’ve come a long way since Mad Men.Read More »


O White American Women, What Have You Done?


As the US election map turned predominantly Republican red on TV yesterday, with a thin film of Democrat blue around the international edges, the hopes and dreams of rational thinkers slumped.  Previously America had voted in the clown, George W Bush.  Now it has voted in a marketing phenomenon, Donald Trump.  While it is understandable that white American men in the mid-West might be taken in by the mythology of ‘Make America Great Again’ – a look back at the past – how could white American women, educated to think and act independently, vote for Trump?Read More »

In Defence of Donald Trump…’Locker Room’ Culture is Rampant

I can’t believe I’m writing this…but, unfortunately, what Trump says about ‘locker room culture’ is closer to the truth than many of us men would like to think.  I’ve read strenuous denials from locker room superstars about Trump’s comments, but I’m afraid they are no more truthful than most of Trump’s rants. I’ve never been comfortable in locker rooms with alpha males, but I have to admit that even I do look at women and wonder what would it be like to be with them.  Men do think and form a personal ‘f…ble’ or ‘not f..ble’ view.  We do ogle women and we do wish.  We do share that information.  Particularly in all-male environments, wherever they are.  Those rating systems that young men have at schools do state explicitly what we do think secretly in some part of our minds, whether at the surface or deeply hidden. Read More »