With Xenophon, Lazarus, Lambie and others launching their own parties due to changes in Federal election voting systems, I’ve decided to launch the Hubbard Party. Perhaps I can pick up 1% of the vote and do enough preference deals to get myself elected.

So what will you get if you vote for me? Read More »


I was doing my usual exercise walking in the streets early in the morning. Ahead of me, about 100m away, I saw a woman walking towards me.  She walked slowly, in casual working clothes, smallish, middle-aged, normal.  As we got to within 30m, she veered on to the road, as if to cross to the other side.  I kept walking.  We passed without recognition, a parked car between us.

The strange thing was…there was no footpath on the other side of the road. After we passed, I turned to see that she had come back on to the footpath behind me.  Why had she done this?Read More »