The BENEFITS of Coronavirus (No. 2)

Two weeks in self-isolation now, it’s interesting to reflect on the BENEFITS we’re getting from CV (why has no one else abbreviated it to this yet…?).

Written at the start of self-isolation, my previous blog (‘The BENEFITS of Coronavirus’) written at the start outlined several benefits – reduction in global carbon emissions, technology innovation, re-discovering old skills, undertaking new skills, completing projects you had been putting off.  Here are some more benefits that have emerged after two weeks of personal experiences.Read More »

Community Listings: sharing local knowledge on home-based services

We need a Trip Advisor, AirTasker or similar organisation to facilitate sharing local knowledge about commonly needed, home-based, often costly, trade and professional services? We all need them, sometimes urgently.  Often we have no knowledge of the effectiveness of available providers.  We take pot luck.  We complain of bad service.  How can we improve our success rate?Read More »