The value of ‘green’ revisited

In several blogs, I have talked about the importance of ‘value’ and suggested there is a Nobel Prize waiting for someone, anyone who can work out how to add up economic value, social value and environmental value to get to a ‘total value’ concept.  Recently, I blogged about the value of green trees and how I find that green trees soften the structural bluntness of buildings, particularly new ones.  Now I find that someone is actually working on this value of ‘green’!  Perhaps the hunt for the Nobel Prize is on.Read More »



What does ‘value’ mean to you? Why is it that we say ‘Oh, this hotel only costs $20 more’ and then find ourselves rejecting a tin of tomatoes in the supermarket, because it costs 10 cents more for the can?  This is the first in a series of blogs around the concept of ‘value’ and how we should think about value, not just cost.

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