Dear Bill (Shorten)

You’ll probably be Prime Minister next May, given the current Government rabble. Friends who know you tell me you’re a good man, but from what I see on TV and read, you’re very difficult to believe in. And your performance yesterday – in Parliament and on TV – was so disappointing. It was the last day of Parliament for the year (not your fault). Yet there you were, bickering over the optics, the politics, not discussing what your Party’s principles or policies would be if/when you are in government, not motivating or building credibility with a cynical electorate.

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Some of my in-laws were refugees from Eastern Europe after WW2. They were forced out of their houses and forced to march to…Austria and then Italy. They love Australia. They have raised QCs, doctors and other professionals. One became Managing Director of a major Australian company. For me, they gave me an insight into the many sides of refugees’ lives and the impact on their futures and a perspective on the current refugee crisis.

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