If we are to believe the experts, we have only 12 years to turn around the carbon emissions of the planet. So, this month’s Australian national election has been dubbed the ‘climate election’. Yet, the Government has no climate policy at all and the Opposition is only planning to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. Meanwhile the Greens, which do propose to reduce emissions to net zero by 2040, are only attracting 9% in opinion polls.

What’s wrong with this country? And is it the parties, the media or the people who are at fault?Read More »


Dear Josh (Frydenberg)


I write to you as my local Federal member of Parliament.  After the shambolic chaos of your party’s internal power plays last week that led to yet another new Prime Minister and you accidentally being elected Deputy Leader and Treasurer, I realised that the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) you had fought so hard for, though very flawed, was a genuine attempt to plot your way through the minefield of environment and energy policy.

Though I campaigned against it, and against you because of your support for coal mining, I realised that you almost achieved balancing a carbon emissions reductions target, an energy supply guarantee and some commitment to price reduction, in the face of the warring sections of your party.  Here’s why I’m sorry now that you failed and what you need to do if you want to be the next leader of your party.Read More »


As 2016 beckons, it’s time to think about plans for making the New Year better than this one. In a moment of despair last year, I wrote down the top 10 issues I thought I would address to improve our society, if I were the democratic dictator running the country.  I found them at the bottom of my in-tray (yes, I still have a ‘tray’), perused them and thought they all still seemed relevant.  Perhaps though,  I have a slightly different order now that the Paris conference has put a 1.5C agreed line in the sand for global temperature increases.  So here they are:Read More »