Are the Olympics Finished?

I love competitive sport.  I’ve been to three Olympic Games and religiously watched them all whenever I could, until recently.  With these Pyeongchang  Olympics, I found myself completely disengaged, even more so than the Rio Games.  Reflecting, I think the Olympics have had their time and should be nicely retired.  Here’s why.Read More »


Out walking the other day, I thought about my life and realised that I was entering the ‘last quarter’ of my life.  In sports, you come to the last quarter, knowing what you need to do to win, or else you lose.  But in life the last quarter is not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’.  What is it about?  And, since we don’t know its length, how do we play the last quarter?  And I felt that I didn’t know how to play this last quarter.  What should I do?Read More »