Luxury and Me…Ain’t Good Company…Unfortunately

I’ve just completed my first ever complete luxury tour.  It included premium air travel, premium hotels, luxury cruising and a luxury national park experience.  It was all wonderful… But that’s the thing.  That luxury left me with uneasy feelings about whether spending all this money on me was the right thing to be doing.  Luxury and me don’t seem to be good company.Read More »


In one volunteer organisation in which I work (let’s call it Volunteer Co), I have been trying to organise a series of meetings with a major organisation (let’s call it Paid Worker Co) which employs thousands of people to get a series of agreed tasks completed by them.

But I have had endless trouble arranging mutually acceptable meeting dates. Volunteer Co employs no one.  We are all volunteers.  Our committee meets on the weekend, as we are too busy during the ‘working week’.  At first,  Paid Worker Co managers agreed in principle to come to our Saturday meeting, but it soon became clear that the actual employees would only meet within ‘working hours’ (Ie Mon-Fri), whereas we volunteers were happy to meet anytime, anywhere.

How is it that Volunteer Co is so flexible while Paid Worker Co isn’t?

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