Unexpected Personal Lessons from a Sailing Holiday in the Whitsundays

I’m just back from a 2-week bareboat catamaran sailing holiday for four in the Whitsundays.  Great weather, great snorkelling, company of great friends who were competent sailors (I’m not), light winds (not so good for our captain who liked to sail rather than motor), lovely scenery  and quiet inlets made for an idyllic holiday…But two weeks on a boat allows for a lot of personal time (you can’t snorkel, swim, sail, fish or even eat for long periods in a day), so I made some unexpected discoveries about myself. Read More »


The following week, Lindsay took Dick to be completely overhauled the following week in the operating section of the shop. Afterwards, the specialist said the operation went well, but it would be 3 days before Dick would be well enough to return to work. Lindsay – and Dick – waited patiently to see if the operation was a success.Read More »